Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bathathon AND... Violet gets adopted!

Sunday, Steel City Greyhounds had its Bathathon at the Golden Bone - many hounds showed up to become fresh and clean while their owners munched on snacks and chatted in the lobby.  As you can see, may of the hounds "hung out" in the lobby as well.

Many of them came sporting fashionable duds, including the pair with matching coats below.  

Some liked to mug for the camera more than others... or maybe they thought that the camera lady had treats.

But they all seemed to have a good time...  they even forgave us for the baths.

Carolina was there, and was loving every minute of attention that she was getting.  (You will recall that Carolina is a lovely fawn lady who is currently up for adoption.)  She got along with everyone - adults, kids, other dogs, and was not at all distressed at the noise that all of us were making.  You'll see that she is sporting the stylish "adopt me" vest, below.

 Look at that sweet face!  She will make a fine addition to someone's family.

While all of this was going on, Violet, the other available hound, was adopted!  Everyone was so excited for her, and it is obvious that she is going to be in a home that will shower her with lots of love and attention.

Violet became "Grace" and is sporting a brand new red collar and leash with her new family below.  Congratulations to all three of you!

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  1. Chaucer had a greyt time at the bath-a-thon. I was able to wash him myself, which was a treat for me and him. It was his first experience with the firminator, and his shedding reduced by leaps and bounds. I found a copy of the firminator at Giant Eagle by Seagrams. I have been using it on him a couple of times a week, and his shedding is no longer an issue. I can wear black pants again! Thank you SCG for the bath-a-thon. Can't wait for the next one. Rescue a greyhound - it is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience ever!