Monday, February 16, 2015


Beautiful Lulu was a little shy around us.  She'd never met us before, after all, and wasn't sure of our intentions just yet.  She was a bit hesitant to trust us at first.

Towards the end of our brief session though, she was offering cautious tail wags, and was starting to show all of the signs of being a classic "velcro dog" to someone who is willing to take the time to earn her trust.  (And look at those soulful brown eyes - what person could possibly resist giving her all of the cuddles and attention that she needs?  Certainly not me!)

During her "photo shoot" there were two white poodles in the lobby.  She greeted them with a polite sniff and tail wag, but seemed willing to hang back and let the other dogs set the pace for introductions.

Lulu is looking for the right person or family to introduce her to the world and to all of the "creature comforts" that our greyhounds have come to expect!


Quick is a delightful little girl, full of energy and good cheer.  She stood there waiting for us to come over to her, tail wagging, and when she saw that we had noticed her, started in with full-on butt waggles.

She is very friendly and out-going, and is going to be a very loving and affectionate companion!

She was pretty interested in the squeaky toys that we brought for her, though she hadn't quite figured out what to do with them yet.  (That will come with practice in her new home!)

Like many greyhounds, as you can see above, she was very interested in my clicky box, and was trying to figure out what I was doing with it.

"Look, guys, I can lick my own nose!"
Quick is lots of fun, and has so much love to give!

Monday, January 26, 2015


And last but not least, this brindle beauty, Patty!

(more details to follow)


Update:  Cinderella has been adopted!!

Next up... Cinderella!  (more details to follow)

Hot Foot

This is Hot Foot!

Normally I've "hot footed" my way to meet the new greyhounds by now, but life keeps getting in the way.  (see what I did there?)  But I do have some pictures that were sent to me of the three lovely ladies that are up for adoption now.  I'll share them with you here, and will add details about their personalities later.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Soul Sister

Update:  Soul Sister has been adopted!

This is Soul Sister!  She's a super-sweet dog.  

She was really nervous around me at first, but got over it after I was patient with her for just a little bit of time.

She is really smart, too.  She figured out how to ride in my car, navigate stairs, and navigated my autumn yard really fast!  I could see her puzzling things out, and she generally didn't need much help.

Every time I take a dog out to get pictures for the blog, there is really the same pattern.

I spend some time letting them get used to their new surroundings, and learning that they can trust me.  Sometimes I can get some good pictures of this, but not always.  I think that she did great, below!

She checked out all four corners of my yard, sniffed some leaves, and peered between the fence slats, then came back to say hi to me.

But I'm always waiting for that moment, that "spark."  When the dog stops being careful and self-conscious around me, a stranger, and starts behaving more naturally.  Starts having fun.  With Soul Sister, it was finding a squeaky toy buried in the leaves.

The "spark."

I had picked up the squeaky toy to get her attention at this point.  Look at those beautiful eyes!

I of course let her play with it for a little bit, and got numerous pictures of her having a greyt time.  The pic below is one of them!

She was very attached to me by the end of our hour together, and became quite the velcro dog!  She promises to lavish her person with affection and adoration.

She is a lovely dog and I can't say enough good things about her.  I watched her today at the Bathathon for a time; and she seemed to be having a good time with the volunteers, and meeting the other hounds.  I can't wait to hear that she has her own home (and maybe a slightly cleaner squeaky toy!)


Update:  Boomer has been adopted!

Boomer is a blast to have around, guys!  He's fun, engaged with people, playful and curious.  What more can you want in a dog?

Look at that smile!

We took him to a Petco Meet and Greet last weekend, and he had a grand time meeting people, getting petted, and ogling the treats.

In fact, once he figured out that people tended to have dog food and dog treats in their bags, he insisted that he was the Official Bag Inspector, and had his nose in everything.  This made people laugh, of course, which just made him wag his tail and keep going.  :)

In fact, I'm fairly certain that his tail didn't stop wagging the entire trip.

As curious as he was, he was always eager to come back for snuggles.  This is him on my lap.  What a sweetheart!

He was really good-natured the entire time we were out.  He handled kids really well, and didn't seem to mind hanging out with Ruth, a fellow greyhound that was with us.

Boomer's going to be a greyt pet for someone!  He's going to be the family comedian, of that I have no doubt.