Monday, February 16, 2015


Beautiful Lulu was a little shy around us.  She'd never met us before, after all, and wasn't sure of our intentions just yet.  She was a bit hesitant to trust us at first.

Towards the end of our brief session though, she was offering cautious tail wags, and was starting to show all of the signs of being a classic "velcro dog" to someone who is willing to take the time to earn her trust.  (And look at those soulful brown eyes - what person could possibly resist giving her all of the cuddles and attention that she needs?  Certainly not me!)

During her "photo shoot" there were two white poodles in the lobby.  She greeted them with a polite sniff and tail wag, but seemed willing to hang back and let the other dogs set the pace for introductions.

Lulu is looking for the right person or family to introduce her to the world and to all of the "creature comforts" that our greyhounds have come to expect!

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