Sunday, November 16, 2014


Update:  Boomer has been adopted!

Boomer is a blast to have around, guys!  He's fun, engaged with people, playful and curious.  What more can you want in a dog?

Look at that smile!

We took him to a Petco Meet and Greet last weekend, and he had a grand time meeting people, getting petted, and ogling the treats.

In fact, once he figured out that people tended to have dog food and dog treats in their bags, he insisted that he was the Official Bag Inspector, and had his nose in everything.  This made people laugh, of course, which just made him wag his tail and keep going.  :)

In fact, I'm fairly certain that his tail didn't stop wagging the entire trip.

As curious as he was, he was always eager to come back for snuggles.  This is him on my lap.  What a sweetheart!

He was really good-natured the entire time we were out.  He handled kids really well, and didn't seem to mind hanging out with Ruth, a fellow greyhound that was with us.

Boomer's going to be a greyt pet for someone!  He's going to be the family comedian, of that I have no doubt.

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