Sunday, November 28, 2010

Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia

No, I'm not talking about the South.  I'm talking about a trio of litter mates that Steel City Greyhounds has up for adoption right now!  Some of you have already read blog posts about Carolina, who has been with Steel City Greyhounds since October.  Her siblings just got in the other day, right before Thanksgiving.  They're all great dogs.

We decided to take all three for a walk, even though we've already met and photographed Carolina in the past.   She is such a darling that it seemed unfair to leave her by herself while the others got to come out and walk with us and get treats!  (Someone tell me why she hasn't been adopted yet?  She's such a loving girl...  more on that in a bit.)

Carolina remembered me from walks prior to this one, and was over the moon at seeing a familiar face.  She covered my face with kisses, and it took her next to no time to figure out that my coat pocket was full of treats.  The only difference between this walk and the ones before is that this time, Carolina had no tail!  Many of you have probably read on the Steel City Greyhounds website that she had a serious case of "happy tail," constantly wagging her tail to show how happy she was.  Unfortunately, this caused a tail injury that was going to be extremely difficult to heal, so the vet determined that it would be better for Carolina if they just took it off.  Don't feel too bad for her, though - the surgery has done nothing to dampen her enthusiasm.  She is one happy dog!

Unfortunately, we were unable to get any new pictures of Carolina - Here is one of her from just a few weeks ago, at the Bath-a-thon that was held at the Golden Bone.
Carolina from the Bath-a-thon.  What a sweet face!
Even though I've blogged about Carolina before, she does merit another mention.  This dog will love love LOVE the person who adopts her, and will never hesitate to shower that person (maybe it will be you?) with affection:  kisses, sniffs, nuzzles, you name it, you're going to get it from her.  She is not shy!  Her kind of joy is contagious; I personally think that it is impossible to stay in a bad mood around this dog.  Additional good qualities are that I've seen her interact with numerous people and dogs, and she was always good-natured and friendly and joyful, no matter who it was.

Carolina's brother Alabama is very laid-back, yet was very curious about his surroundings.  He was content to just look,  though - no pulling at the leash from this boy.  He seemed at his most content when he was walking directly next to me.  Yeah, I think he's going to be someone's "velcro dog," their constant companion.

Alabama, gazing at... something.  I never quite figured out what he'd focused in on.
He was also very good with the other dogs - both of his sisters and our hound - another male - that we'd brought from home.  He was quiet and non-aggressive, and let the "girls" run the show.

Alabama, trying to figure out the camera.  

Steady and calm, I'm fairly certain that this guy could go into just about anyone's home and take everything in stride.

Sister Georgia was energetic and happy, but it was also clear that she is very sweet-natured. She seemed a little nervous around us at first, though I believe by the end of the walk she'd figured out that we could be trusted.  She was very good with the other dogs; it didn't seem to matter at all which dog we had her paired with, she was able to get along with them all.  She did prefer to walk with me between her and the traffic; she hasn't made up her mind what she thinks about cars going by yet.  (No major spooking - I was bracing myself for her to try to run away, but she didn't do that.  She was just happy to have me there to "protect" her.  Let's not explain the logistics of that to her, hmm?)  She'll gain confidence with time - she's only been with Steel City Greyhounds for a couple of days!  This may well have even been her first urban walk!  All in all, she did really well.

Georgia, being beautiful.
She was very curious as well, and I could tell that she had never encountered some of this stuff before - someone's trashcan left on the sidewalk, certain flowers, etc.  I gave her ample time to check everything out, which kept her happy.  Everything was an adventure to her!

Georgia trying to figure out why I'd put my coat hood up. 

She's a lovely girl, and will make a fine addition to someone's home!

In some ways, I don't envy anyone coming in to adopt one of these dogs...  but only because they're going to have to choose!

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