Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I had the pleasure of meeting "Missy" this past Sunday.  She is a stunning beauty, and is soft like a big, cuddly teddy-bear.

And I cannot say enough how amazed that I was by the way that she behaved!  She was very polite, well-mannered, and obedient.  It was like she was trying to show me that she is a very good dog and will make someone a good pet!  She was a little shy with me in the beginning, but warmed after a few minutes.

She was very eager to jump into my car, but immediately laid down in the backseat and stayed that way while I took her somewhere that we could walk.  She rode well in the car, looking calmly out the window.  And when I offered her a treat, she daintily ate it, but didn't come back to me asking for more.

As I walked her down the sidewalk, she was very curious and wanted to explore everything.  But after a few minutes, she'd look worriedly back at me, as if making sure that everything was okay.  After getting reassurance that she was allowed, she would go back to exploring.

Missy is such a mannerly dog, and clearly wanted to please me after only having known me for a little while...  talk about a dream dog!  She will make someone a GREYT companion and pet.

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