Monday, October 31, 2011


Update:  Katie has been adopted!

Katie is a beautiful, petite fawn girl, who is very young!  In fact, she is just turning 2 years old this November.  She is very energetic and curious and wants to know absolutely everything about you when you take her out for a walk!  She was thrilled to be outdoors and exploring and it's easy to see that this youn 'un is soaking up everything that she sees like a little sponge.

She is one of those dogs that it is nearly impossible to do her justice with a camera:  she is so active and curious (especially about what YOU, the photographer, are doing) that it's hard to get a good shot.

She loved watching and playing with Curtis, and the two of them tore around the yard for a few minutes when I first turned them loose.  She was having a glorious time, and I loved watching her run.  (Watch for her video, coming soon!)

Gasp!  Curtis found a TOY and I can't get to it!

This fun little girl will have such a fantastic time in her own home, with her very own people!  I expect that her antics will give her new family lots of laughs.

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