Sunday, April 21, 2013


This beautiful little lady is Dreamer.  She is not only beautiful, she has a heart of gold and a sweet personality!

Dreamer is quiet and gentle, a real lady!  She is a little shy at first, until she realizes that you want to be her friend, then she wags her tail happily and gives you kisses if you'll let her.  (And who wouldn't want kisses from her?)

I don't have any pictures of her looking straight at the camera, because I don't know that she entirely trusted the odd little clicky box that I wore around my neck and kept aiming at her, though she seemed willing to give ME the benefit of the doubt!

Dreamer gets along well with other greyhounds, and though she was a little bit too shy to actually play when her kennel mate Hooh Way wanted to, she still wagged her tail at him and seemed willing enough to be in his company.  I'm sure that as soon as she gets a chance to know another dog, she'll be happy to join in the games!

She is really looking for a person who will enjoy her sweet, unassuming personality, and who will take great delight in introducing her to this world:  one wonderful shrub, park, couch, sidewalk at a time.

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