Sunday, December 19, 2010


Update:  Guppy DID get a home for the holidays!  He was adopted along with kennel-mate Joe  (not on this blog) on Sunday!  

Guppy is a very sweet dog, who did not deserve to be left at the Animal Rescue League by his person, but that's exactly what happened last Tuesday.  The staff and volunteers at the ARL recognized him as a pureblood greyhound and asked Steel City Greyhounds to take him in.  And so here he is, waiting for a second chance at a good life!  He's six years old.

Guppy, watching my antics with the camera, and possibly wondering if it was edible.

Guppy has a lot of energy, and pranced at the end of his leash, high-stepping it all the way across the parking lot like a dog half his age!  He tried to jump into the backs of two different open SUVs before we got out to my much smaller car, and happily jumped into that as soon as I'd opened the door for him.  In fact, he startled me when he tried to worm up through the car's consol to try to get into the passenger seat beside me!  After convincing him to stay in the back seat, off we went to the park.

As we walked through the trails, he responded well to my voice, and was friendly with me without being too needy.  He was definitely raring to go, and had a lot of energy!  The following picture was taken in the off-leash area, after running himself tired.

 I wish that I could have gotten better outdoor pictures, but a basically white dog against snow?  Not easy!
He is, I learned, very friendly with other large dogs of several different breeds. He is of course partial to other greyhounds.  We ran into two different sets of two greyhounds on our walk, and he really wanted to play!  There were no small dogs out and about, so I did not get a good look at how he behaves around them.  He was also very friendly with the various people that we met during our walk, happily greeting anyone who walked close to us.

The walk back to my car was much more sedate, and after burning so much energy, he was happy to walk calmly by my side.  (This was perhaps helped somewhat by his realization that I had a pocket full of treats, and would periodically give him one.)

He snoozed in the backseat of the car on the way back, lifting his head to look out the window periodically, but seemed content.

Gazing towards the entrance to the Golden Bone.  I think he was looking forward to being back in the heat by then!

Thanks for the treat!
Guppy deserves another chance to live in a home.  Let's hope that he gets a home for the holidays!


  1. What a wonderful dog! I hope he find a really great forever home soon.

    Best Wishes GUPPY!

  2. Ohhhh, this is a Christmas Miracle!