Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hounds for the New Year

Update:  Tina has been adopted!

The current batch of hounds is a REALLY good group!  They arrived around the holidays, and are looking for good homes.  

First up - Bang Bang!  In honor of the Pepsi Refresh grant that was awarded to Steel City Greyhounds for the month of December, she has been renamed Pepsi!  This spunky, petite girl has no fear, and doesn't know a stranger.  She (along with the others, actually) wasn't afraid of other dogs, was intrigued with other people, didn't get frightened at cars. And she took to both my husband and me immediately, prancing around each of us to get our attention.  In fact, when she decided that I had been paying too much attention to one of the others, she leapt over the tangle of leashes so that she could get to me and give me  kiss.  She's energetic and curious, and very people-focused.   Pepsi's antics will no doubt make her adopter laugh a lot, which she will love because she is a bit of a clown!  This girl loves life, and now only needs to find a lucky human to share it with!

Then there is Tina.  While Pepsi was gregarious and bouncy, Tina was very shy yet loving.  She was not very certain of her surroundings, but would brighten up every time one of us would talk to her or pay her some attention.  Her tail wagged hopefully if she caught one of us looking at her, and she looked positively grateful when I would crouch down to give her some one-on-one attention and kind words.  And while Pepsi and Soloman, one of the other greyhounds, were excited and straining at the leash when they saw a friendly pit bull across the street, Tina barely paid him any attention, preferring to stay close by my side and soak up my attention while the other dogs were distracted!

Tina, being shy when we first got outside.  
Like Pepsi, Tina liked to give me kisses, though she was very shy and sweet about it.  How much fun it will be for someone to slowly introduce her to new things, and to build her confidence up!  Even a simple walk through the neighborhood, in the company of her fellow greyhounds and two humans, seemed to do a lot for her.

Tina, being much more confident and curious.  And it's very meta that we have a picture of someone taking a picture of her, yes?

And now on to the boys...  First is Soloman, mentioned earlier, who is incredibly handsome!  I love his white face.

He also soaks up human affection like a sponge - by the end of the walk, he was firmly attached to my husband's side, and didn't want to leave him!  He'll be someone's "velcro-dog" for sure.  Nothing seemed to make him happier than being able to lean up against one of us to get his neck scratched.

He was extremely excited to see that pit bull mentioned above - you'd have thought he'd spied a unicorn!  He very badly wanted to go over and meet him, but we opted to not allow ourselves to be pulled across a busy street to meet a strange dog with a pack of greyhounds in tow.

Look at the muscles on this guy!

Other than the initial excitement over another dog, Soloman was calm, cool, and collected for the entire walk.  Yes, I can definitely picture this dog stretched out on a couch, if he is allowed!And last, there is Bobby.  He too is very handsome, and I think he may already know that!  He had a knack for posing for the camera, at least...

Bobby was very well-behaved during the walk, and was a total gentleman.  He didn't pull too hard on the leash - he was willing to walk with Soloman or one of "the girls" and was happy and confident to meet us, with wagging tail and head held high.  He got along well with the pack, and seemed highly concerned if anyone lagged behind.  He was also very curious about everything, so we were sure to take some extra time to let him sniff.

Bobby strikes me as a steady, dependable guy, who would make an excellent companion dog for humans or dogs alike.  And I love the white paws!

I was impressed with his gentleness and his confidence, and think that it will not be difficult for him to adjust to life in a home at all!

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