Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting to Know You...

Over the weekend, I was able to assist at one of Steel City Greyhound's Petco Meet & Greets!  This gave me the opportunity to spend some time with two of the three remaining adoptable hounds:  Soloman and Pepsi.  They're both such characters, in completely different ways.  Cindy Callaghan was able to get some great "glamor shots" of the two of them, so I couldn't resist putting them up on on blog.


Pepsi was energetic and happy and thrilled to be out and about.   She was interested in everything and everybody, so much so that she was even hesitant to eat treats, for fear of missing something.  She was never happier than when people would walk by and let her kiss them on the face.

She would greet people by bouncing up and down at the end of her leash, giving them pleading looks to come and pay attention to her.  And it worked... she'd pull them over like a magnet!  There were not many that could resist her charms.

Pepsi still needs a home!   The lucky person who adopts her should expect to be showered with affection and love (and kisses) every day.

It's so very hard to say no to those eyes...  She is such a lovely, petite girl!  People loved her sprightly, sparkling personality.


Soloman was very uncertain of what to expect during his first adoption outing.  He was even a little bit shy, which is something that I hadn't picked up on when I first walked him after the holidays.  He definitely let Pepsi take the lead when it came to greeting people.  He would usually hang back a little, watching cautiously until he saw that she was getting petted and treated kindly.  THEN he would approach, tail wagging cautiously.  Once someone petted him, he would lean up against them, soaking up the attention, and then WOULDN'T LET THEM LEAVE.

Every time someone would take their hand away, he'd do something to get their attention back to him again, whether it was leaning on their leg, nudging them with his nose, or giving his best imploring look.

When the person would inevitably leave to do whatever shopping had brought them to Petco in the first place, he'd give them THIS look, and stare longingly at them until they walked out of sight.

It was like he was really hoping to go home with someone that very day!

He is very food motivated, and seemed to love that some people would bring him treats.  And I mean that they would bring HIM treats, though they always did try to bring them for Pepsi as well.  But Pepsi was focused on other things, and well, if she wasn't going to eat the treat anyway, then it really shouldn't go to waste, right?

I think I've commented on this before, but Soloman is definitely couch potato material.  He even attempted to climb on top of my folding chair at the Steel City Greyhounds table...  he looked mildly disappointed that he couldn't fit his entire body up there.

These dogs are both so very sweet.  I can't wait to hear that they've been adopted and have couches and treats (and treat-givers) of their very own.

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