Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bobby's Day

Last week, Pepsi and Soloman got to go to a Petco Meet & Greet and poor Bobby had to stay behind.  Well, yesterday was  Bobby's day, and he got to go to charm the crowds!

I didn't personally get to go, but I have heard many good things about how he behaved while he was at the Petco.

He was shy at first, not certain of who these people were or what their intentions were.  But after twenty minutes, he warmed up.  For the rest of the afternoon, he was a leaner, and a cuddler, and seemed particularly fond of resting his head over people's shoulders!  (In some ways, I am glad that I wasn't there!  I would have found it difficult to resist sneaking him into my car and bringing him home...I do love the snugglers.)

He was fascinated with Petco, and really liked some dangly toys hanging off of the ferret rescue's cage.  In fact, they were kind enough to give him one, much to his delight.    I hear reports that he was happily snuggling with the ferret rescue representative as well!

He is a beautiful boy, with soft black coat and white markings on his chest and his feet.  This first picture also shows the scar that he has on his muzzle - we call it a character scar!  It was apparently given to him when he was just a puppy, by his own mother!

I love the happy, eager look in his eyes.

Following are some additional photos of him at the Meet & Greet.

Showing off his handsome face.

This one shows his white chest

Making a new friend.

Here's a shot that really shows his white chest. 
Bobby so clearly likes to get attention from people, and already loves toys...  now all he needs is a home, his own person, some toys and a soft warm bed of his own and he'll be able to kick back and enjoy the retired life.

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