Saturday, March 26, 2011

Soarin' High

Update:  Soarin' High has been adopted!

Soarin' High has given much over the years.  She was a very successful racer in her "youth," running 163 races and winning many of them.  After she started to slow down, she was bred, producing three litters of pups.  It's only now that she's entering true retirement, at 8 years old.  (Barely so - she turned 8 in March 2011.)  And now it's time that someone gives to her... she's more than earned it.

Not that she is willing to rest on her laurels.  Soarin' High is a warm, affectio- nate and friendly dog, who is eager to spend time with people, and seemed just fine with hanging out with other greyhounds as well.

You will note that there are not many pictures of her in the post...  that is not because I was not trying valiantly to take pictures of her.  It is because every time I would get out my camera and get into "position" to snap a photograph, she would come over and give me an enormous hug and kiss!
Tell me how I was supposed to resist that...

The lobby of the Golden Bone was buzzing with activity today - it was filled with people and dogs, and she loved every moment of it.  She'd go from from person to person, leaning against each of them, giving soulful looks, hugs, and even the occasional gentle kiss.

Soarin' High qualifies to be part of the Steel City Greyhounds Save-a-Senior program.  Not that she thinks of herself as a Senior at all.  There were squeaky toys in the lobby, and she was the most enthusiastic at playing with them - getting far more "into it" than some of the youngsters.

There is a special someone out there for this lovely girl, who will make her very happy and give her some of the "softer" things that she's missed on so far.  She promises to make that special someone happy in return - she will be an excellent companion and best friend.

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