Sunday, March 27, 2011

More on Showbar

Update:  Showbar has been adopted!

When Showbar was brought out to me this morning, he seemed so shyly pleased that someone had come to see him.  His eyes brightened, and he wagged his tail gently as he greeted me with a few very polite sniffs.

And off we went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Showbar is one of those dogs that is so low-maintenance...  he walked very well on the leash and stayed close to my side the entire time.  He was curious, and generally fearless when we were passed by cars.  Some larger vehicles - like a bus and a semi - frightened him a little bit.  His response?  He looked up at me for guidance, while velcroing himself to my leg.  As soon as he saw that I wasn't worried, he would relax.  I was so impressed with his level-headedness!

He loves watching people and cars go by.  At the end of our morning together, I was sitting in the parking lot with him, trying to get some final pictures in.  I'm certain that he would have been content to hang out there all day long, soaking up some sun and watching the world go by.

Showbar has been with Steel City Greyhounds for a month now, and really needs to go to a home.  He shows so much promise to be a considerate, affectionate pet once someone gives him his chance.  Let's all send him good thoughts, that his forever home will open up for him soonest.

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