Sunday, April 3, 2011


Update:  Bastron has been adopted!

Bastron is an extremely handsome boy - and has a personality to match.  He's curious and bright-eyed, and wants to see, to sniff everything around him.  And yet he absolutely adores people, and will gaze into your eyes soulfully as you scratch him behind the ears or on the sides of his neck... for as long as you let him.

Bastron, fascinated with the neighbors.

Soulful gaze.  It's going to be really hard for someone to deny him treats.
Also, I happened to be there when a local Sunday School class of fifth graders came and took all of the adoptable hounds on a walk in the park.  I went along with them, and Bastron was very good with everyone there - adult, child, and hound alike.  And it was clear that he was having a great time too!

The picture above shows Bastron with one of the toys kept in the lobby of the Golden Bone.  He was fascinated with them, and while we waited for the children to arrive, he picked up first one toy, then another, and solemnly carried them around in his mouth.  He even took one back to the doors leading into their kennel area, hoping to take it to his bed, I suppose!

He would play with the toys as well - which amazed me, because when I first met him, he had no idea of what to do with them.  How quickly he learned...

This picture is of him with a giant doggie biscuit, from a week prior.  He carried it around, aware of the fact that it was a great treasure, but not entirely certain of what to do with it.  He DID manage to take that one into the back room, sly boy.

As you can see, he has tons of personality, and is going to be the delight of some lucky person's life.

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