Sunday, April 10, 2011


Update:  Giles has been adopted!

Giles is a good looking red fawn with a white chest making his coloration interesting and somewhat unusual.

He is a low-key boy, not getting too excitable when faced with crowds of people with children, smaller dogs, and the various noises that happen when standing in the lobby of a Petco.

He loves people, though is a little shy at first.  If you're willing to be patient and give this guy twenty minutes or so to warm up to you, you start to see his true personality showing through...  which means that you will see a dog that is friendly and loving.  He really wants to velcro himself to someone's side, though will at first cautiously "read" your body language to make sure that you really want him there.

Still, once by your side, he is considerate.  He'll lean a little and seek reassurance, and REALLY lean into you if you scratch his neck and ears in the right places, but does not jump on you at all.

He got along very well with the other two greyhounds that were with us for the Meet & Greet, both males.  The picture above is of him greeting at the front of the store.  Who WOULDN'T want to be greeted by that smiling face when they walk through the door?

I've gotten the opportunity to observe him in another setting as well:  last weekend, a Sunday School class of nine 5th graders came to take the dogs for a walk to Mellon Park as their service project.  I went along with them in case any questions or concerns cropped up during the outing.

Giles was one of the dogs that went on the outing - and he did GREYT with the kids.  He was being walked by one of the boys, and you could tell that both boy and dog were having a fantastic time with one another.  Giles looked so pleased as he trotted alongside the kids, sniffing the breezes and enjoying one of the rare warm days that we've had so far this year.

Giles will make an excellent addition to someone's household.

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