Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Sisters

Update:  Both sisters have been adopted:  together!  

Steel City Greyhounds recently received two new hounds into the program - they are sisters!  Both are brindle beauties.

First, meet Corvette!

Corvette was thrilled to go for a walk, and couldn't make up her mind whether she  wanted to explore, or if she wanted to walk as close to my side as possible.  So she did both, alternating back and forth!  Whenever I crouched over to interact with her, she was always happy to stop and sniff my face, and to give gentle licks to the nose.

She was very curious about people and cars, and didn't seem to be very worried about the traffic noise.

She loves getting attention from people, and soaks it up like a sponge.  She can't wait to be in a home to be the apple of some special person's eye!

And here is her lovely sister, Mustang.  Don't you just love the jaunty way she holds her tail?

Mustang is a sweet and energetic girl, who loves walking and exploring.  She's fascinated by the everyday sights and sounds of the neighborhood, and she was doing her very best to take it all in at once.  She was a little uncertain about the traffic noise at first, but calmed down once she figured out that nothing was hurting her.  She is bright and inquisitive, and very much wanted to meet people that we passed along the way!

She's got such striking looks that she got quite a bit of attention while we were out.

These girls are only two years old, and are looking forward to an early "retirement" as happy household pets.

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  1. Arghh i have always wanted a greyhound, mustang so cute, wish she was mine, appropriate name for a dog 4 me to...