Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Update: Kahlua has been adopted!

It was rainy and cool Sunday morning, as we gathered to cheer on the runners in the Pittsburgh Marathon.  I had my own greyhound with me, so was a little distracted.  But I felt another greyhound leaning against me, so looked down to see who it was.

The saddest eyes looked up at me.  This immediately caught my attention, because greyhounds that are in the program are generally happy, and excited.  And I found out why this greyhound, named Kahlua, seemed so glum...  she was not fresh from the track like most of the greyhounds.  She was returned by her owner, due to financial difficulties.  She was sad, and probably missing her person, and confused about why she was there.

Kahlua watching the Marathon activities.

Kahlua is a beautiful brindle dog, but it was very difficult to get good pictures of her.  All she really wanted to do was cuddle with people, and to get reassurance from them, even if one of those people was desperately trying to take her picture.  She was not so interested in keeping her distance so that I could do this.

She is a very good-natured girl, and socialized politely with the other dogs (of which there were MANY) and as I mentioned before, loves people.

Kahlua, with fellow greyhound Henry in the background.
This little sweetie completely melted my heart, and I feel very badly for her.   She will do very well in a new home - I'm willing to bet that she perks up once someone else gives her a chance.  And she's young, too - a mere 5 years old!

Will you be the one to put a smile back on Kahlua's face?


  1. aww she does look SO sad :( poor girl!
    I think that your hound needs a girlfriend, and she's begging you!

  2. I hope Kahlua finds her forever home soon. It must be so hard for those poor dogs who are returned, especially through no fault of their own. Their world must collapse.