Sunday, June 26, 2011


Update:  Felony has been adopted!

I met Felony yesterday, and I guess because of the name I expected him to be a little bit naughty.  But he was not!  He is a total people-lover, and the first thing that he did when he saw me was to rear up onto his hind legs so that he could see my eyes, then gave me a big hug around the neck.  After we walked for a brief time, I turned him loose in a fenced area to let him run around and explore a bit.

His recall was great!  He really wanted to be by my side, and though he wanted to explore as well, his instinct was to seek me out and make sure that I was nearby at all times.  So if I called him, he was instantly beside me, looking up at me for approval.

He also kept giving me periodic hugs, or resting his chin on my shoulder if I was crouched down far enough.  His entire demeanor was joyful - you can't be near this guy for too long without smiling!

Felony is going to make a greyt pet once he gets into a home!  You might want to check him out if you want a friendly, affectionate and eager-to-please hound.  

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