Sunday, June 26, 2011


Update:  Fredo has been adopted!

Fredo is currently up for adoption.  He is a big, yet very gentle boy, with some very handsome markings!

He has a sense of adventure, and loves to explore!  Once off the leash in a secure area, he wasted no time in exploring every nook and cranny.  And he had such curiosity!  (You have to remember, that coming from the track, he probably had never seen some of this stuff before.)  Within no time, he was helping himself to the doggie wading pool, had peeked through the fence slats at some dogs barking in the street below, all without a peep on his part.

He was more than happy to return to my side, though, in order to lean against my legs and accept petting.

Fredo was a great companion on our walk yesterday morning, and I think would be a lot of fun to take on hikes, or even strolls through the neighborhood.  It was fun to view the world through his eyes for a time.

Fredo explores

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