Sunday, July 17, 2011


Update:  Sketti has been adopted!

Sketti is an adorable girl - as soon as she was led out to meet me, she made eye contact and wagged her tail in greeting, then confidently approached me.

And she's beautiful - she is a brindle, with white paws and a white chest that make her very eye-catching.  Her is a picture that shows the white chest and one white paw - with her new friend Lester.

She has a curious streak, and wants to explore every nook and cranny, but is very well-mannered on the leash and walks nicely beside you.

She was good with the other dogs, and was neither too aggressive nor too passive - she'll do very well in a multi-dog household, if that's where she goes.

Sketti, trying to figure out what I wanted her to do - dogs don't understand camera posing!

Sketti, tired out and enjoying a lie-down in the cool green grass

Adopt me!

Sketti is anxiously awaiting her new adopters!

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