Monday, July 18, 2011


Tanner is a very handsome dark brindle male.  He is happy and friendly with all people - he was quite the hit at a local Petco Meet & Greet over the weekend, because he had such a greyt "crowd personality."  He's energetic and full of life, and was delighted to greet people who wanted to pet him, and  to give happy licks to the children.   It is truly fun to see the world through his eyes.

You'll see that poor Tanner has stitches in his muzzle, but those will come out soon and he'll be good as new!  He certainly doesn't let it slow him down.

He is a little bit of a "clown" and seems to enjoy making people laugh.  This is him, trying to go swimming at Petco!

Tanner greeting people and dogs outside of the Golden Bone.

Tanner is looking for a home, with people of his very own.

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