Sunday, October 23, 2011


Update:  Joshua has been adopted!

This morning was beautiful and crisp:  the perfect fall morning, and I got to spend it with a really special greyhound, Josh.  He was so excited to get to go outside that he was frisking at the end of his leash, and jumping about a little while we were in the parking lot, but as soon as we got out to the sidewalks, he got down to business, and was a very considerate walking companion:  no leash-pulling, no straining ahead.

He seemed to be grateful not only to get outside and explore a bit, but for the attention as well.  Once, when we took a break and I was sitting on a ledge, he approached me and was letting me scritch him on either side of his neck.  Before I knew it, he had his head buried under my arm and was just soaking up whatever comfort and attention that I was willing to give.  

As we were walking, like most dogs, he was very curious about everything that we passed, but he was very in-tune with the sound of my voice, and would turn to look at me if I started talking to him.  I could see him trying to puzzle out my words.  

I think that he'll make someone a greyt companion and housemate:  he's a gentleman who likes to snuggle, likes adventure, likes being with you, and likes the sound of your voice!  Who could ask for more?

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