Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mega and Wonder

Update:  Mega and Wonder were adopted, together!

Mega and Wonder are two brindle girls who lived together in a house for a time, and were loved... they were brought in by a reluctant owner.    They are both very sweet-tempered, lady-like dogs, who are gentle with each other, other dogs, and the people that they meet.  They also did not show any interest in cats when they were brought into the program - Wonder was even bapped on the nose by an irritated cat, and her reaction was to turn away.

Mega, with a sweet expression on her face

Wonder, curious 
Mega is a few months younger than Wonder - her birthday is 12/7/2006, and Wonder's birthday of 3/16/2005.

Despite being sweet-natured, both seemed a little puzzled about being back in a kennel environment, when they'd shared a home with one another and humans before.  They were more than happy to go out for a walk and a quick trot around the yard for some exercise, but I couldn't help but to feel that they were looking at me questioningly, like I might have the answers for them.

Mega made a "guest appearance" at the 2011 Greyhound Birthday Party last Saturday, and I got the chance to observe her when she was off the leash and surrounded by large numbers of people and dogs, and she was brilliant.  She'd run and play with the other already-adopted greyhounds, and with Tanner, the other adoptable hound in attendance, but would happily approach people for attention and treats as well.

Both Mega and Wonder should be able to slip seamlessly into someone's home - after all, they've already had practice at it!

Will you be inviting one of these special girls into your home?

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