Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steel City Greyhounds Birthday Party

There are few things more fun than watching a large number of greyhounds running and playing with one another.   Today was the 2011 Steel City Greyhounds Birthday party, held at Lucky Paws Pet Resort, in Freedom, PA.  Not only did the greyhounds get to run and play in the grass, but there was a huge dogs-only swimming pool for them as well!

They could run through the water...
They could stand around gossiping instead...
Or they could just relax.
One favorite part of the day was when icecream cups were brought out for the dogs to eat!

No one, and I mean no one, enjoys his icecream more than Adoptable Hound Tanner.  (Adoptable Hound Mega also eating.)

It was a greyt time for all that were there.  Adoptable hounds Tanner and Mega made a lot of friends, both human and canine, and had so much fun doing it!

The silent auctions were successful, and there were plenty of hounds in attendance, so not only did the dogs have fun, but it was a good fundraising event for Steel City Greyhounds as well.

After running and playing and swimming in the sun, and eating icecream and snacks, the dogs started to get tired.  One by one, you'd see them flopping over in the shade to get a well-earned nap.  And that is always an indication of a successful hound event!

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