Monday, January 9, 2012


Update:  Flyer has been adopted!

Poor Flyer still has not been adopted... he is such a good boy,  and it is very sad to see him go without his own home!

I did yet another Meet & Greet event with this lovely boy, and got to see all over again what a good-natured guy he really is.

Flyer says "hi" to a Petco customer's pup
He was eager to get attention from everyone who came by our table, wagging his tail and putting his head into easy reach to be scratched.  He was calm and happy to greet the other animals that were in the store with us as well.

He thoroughly enjoyed charming the Petco customers, and you could tell that he was soaking up all of the attention like a sponge.

When it was time to go, he eagerly jumped into the back of another volunteer's car, and was thrilled to go for a ride with her.  Maybe he thought that he was finally going to his forever home?

If you would like to meet Flyer, I'm sure that he would like to meet you as well!  Contact Steel City Greyhounds with any questions about him.

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  1. It was a pleasure to meet Flyer this past weekend at Petco - what a sweetheart! I've been back to your site several times since then to admire his picture...if it were fall, I'd welcome him into my home today. Hopefully he finds his place soon!