Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Update:  Nitro has been adopted!

Meet Nitro!

This calm, happy boy is going to make a greyt addition to someone's home!  He is still young, at only 4 1/2 years old, but has a quiet maturity that means that he'll be a breeze to train.

In fact, while he was playing in the yard with another dog, he kept coming back to me for reassurance and petting. He seemed like he wanted to be at my side more than anything else.  If I crouched over to talk to him or pay him any attention, he would give me gentle kisses on the face.

He played well with Buttons, the brindle greyhound in the background as well.  The two of them played games of chase around and around the yard, pausing only to peer into my windows once in awhile.  (In my experience, every greyhound, despite their lack of experience with human houses, instinctively knows that they are a GOOD THING.  Or maybe they just wanted to get out of the snow.)

He was calm for me in the car, and walked well on the leash, even though it was clear that he was very excited about the adventure.  He is such a very well-mannered gentleman.

If you want to arrange a meeting with Nitro, I'm sure he'd be delighted to see you!  Give Steel City Greyhounds a call at 412-362-2470, or email at info@steelcitygreyhounds.org.

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