Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fly Rod

Update:  Fly Rod has been adopted!

This, my friends, is Fly Rod.

He is a good looking mostly-black hound (though he does have some white on his chest.)  And he's one of those dogs that just melted my heart when I first got to meet him.  He's very mellow and laid-back and gentle, my very favorite traits in a dog!

He is very focused on humans, and stayed attached to my side most of the time that we were out, even though it was clear that he was curious about his surroundings.  Some of that was probably because he was a little uncertain of himself - he had just arrived from West Virginia the night before, and this was his first glimpse of life outside of the track and kennels.  He'll get more confidence in himself and his surroundings eventually, but I'll bet good money that he will be an affectionate dog in his new home, and will want to be as close as possible to his new person (or persons.)

He was also very gentle with Sophia, another adoptable hound that came out with us.  You can see them sharing a "moment" in the light snowfall here.  Is that not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

He's up for adoption now!  So if you want a lovable hound to snuggle with on the couch and to hang out with and just thoroughly enjoy - you definitely want to meet Fly Rod!

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