Sunday, March 25, 2012


Update:  Ott has been adopted!

Ott is a very playful and fun dog to be around!  I've now met him on two separate occasions, and just fell in love with him both times.  The second time we met, he recognized me and danced up, resting his head on my hip and looked up at me to say hello.  He was so excited to see that we were going outside - the sun was out, the weather was warm, and he got to show off in front of two humans and three other greyhounds!  He was in his element.  Ott is not uncomfortable being in the spotlight, and his gentle sense of humor really comes out with his somewhat clownish ways.

As has been mentioned on his website description and in his video, Ott really loves toys - probably more than any greyhound I've ever seen.  He always manages to find one!  Even when we're supposed to be leashing up and leaving the play area.

Ott very much enjoys human company, and tries his best to bring you in on the fun and games when you're out with him.  He'd pick up a toy and run with it when he was off-leash, then realize that I couldn't keep up with him, and race back to me before taking off again.  I don't think he understood that greyhound speed is far superior to human speed!

Ott is a dog that is looking for a best friend, someone who is willing to play hard and of course buy him lots of his very own toys.  He promises to lavish that person with affection and friendship in return.

Is that person you?

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