Thursday, May 3, 2012


Update:  Madusa has been adopted!

Meet... Madusa!

This young lady is just a little bit over two years old, but is calm beyond her years!  She handled a walk with two strangers (my husband and I,) the cars around the neighborhood, the sounds of a train going by, AND being taken to a yard that had, in addition to herself, seven other greyhounds with quiet, patient dignity and gentle curiosity.

Madusa, pursued by two admirers, Roger and Lester.
She was great with the other dogs, though she hadn't met many of them before!  She would trot around and explore the yard with them, sniff them cautiously, but wasn't too "forward" and not dominant at all.

She hadn't quite figured out how to play with toys yet, but was definitely interested in some of the squeak toys that I presented her with to draw her out.  Once she gets her bearings, I imagine that she'll figure them out!

Really, she's got a lovely personality.  If you're looking for a dog that "rolls with the flow" and will not create a lot of drama in the house, Madusa would be an excellent choice!

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