Thursday, May 3, 2012


Update:  Bullet has been adopted!

If you like the big male hounds, Bullet is the boy for you.  And he is so handsome, nearly all white except for brown speckles on his ears.

He's a very energetic lad, and is so curious about everything that he just can't seem to make up his mind whether to zig or zag in order to sniff it all.  He was only just a few days off of the track at the time, so everything was new and he was determined to figure it all out!

Despite the energy level, he was fantastic with the other greyhounds, even though there were seven others, both males and females, in the yard with him.  He'd run and play with his new buddies Jack, Lester, and Ott, and there seemed to be a nice give and take amongst all of them, even though they were all males.

He's very sweet-natured and gentle with people, and it's been suggested that he would make a greyt running or jogging partner for someone.  He's looking for someone to have adventures with, that's for sure, whether it's a romp in the yard, a hike in the park, or a morning jog.

Are you that person?

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