Monday, September 17, 2012


Update:  Nadir has been adopted!

Nadir is a lovely dog - mostly white, with some interesting tan markings.

He is very sweet-tempered, and maybe a little bit shy (though it didn't seem to take very long before he was willing to trust me when I had him out.)  He is a velcro-dog in the making:  he was definitely eager to stay as close to me as possible, even when I removed his leash.  He did explore the yard a little, but I could tell that he was keeping a close watch on me to make sure that I didn't run away!

He is a leaner and once I sat down, he came over and put his head in my lap and just closed his eyes, enjoying his ear rub.

I remembered that I had some treats down in my car, so I walked him there and gave him a few.  He really enjoyed them!  He was more than willing to take whatever treats I had for him, and looked a little disappointed when I tossed the bag back into my car!  In fact, he tried to climb into the front seat of my car after that.

Nadir will be a great dog for someone - he seems to be that perfect combination of calm, eager-to-please, and happy to be with people.

Oh, and curious. He finally succumbed to the desire to know what the "clicky box" in my hand was.

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  1. Greyhounds (sight hounds) are so sweet! I wish I had room for him!