Monday, September 17, 2012


Update:  Candy has been adopted!

This super-sweet two year old (and how could she be anything BUT sweet, with a name like that!) has a great, laid-back personality.

She was very polite with me, the other volunteers, and the various strangers that she met at a recent Petco Meet and Greet, and was also very friendly with the other dogs.

She has a lot of curiosity about her surroundings, without being too demanding about it - she was eager to look, but was more than content to stay by my side until I went with her to go exploring.

We also discovered that this girl REALLY likes her treats, which should definitely make her easy to train!  She was a bit hesitant to eat her first treat, but once she discovered that it tasted good, every time someone would offer her a new treat, her tail would start wagging happily as she crunched on it.

She's a beautiful dog, with a lovely smile, and a great personality!  Now all she needs is the right person to give her a forever home!

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