Sunday, August 5, 2012


Update:  Hollywood has been adopted!

Hollywood is quite beautiful - and has a personality to match!  She was very sweet and people-oriented.  As we walked around the block, she demonstrated that she has good leash manners as well, and despite very clearly being curious about her new surroundings, didn't try to pull or tug.

Since she IS so curious, she really appreciated the chance to explore when she was allowed off-leash...  you can tell that everything was brand new to her.  She very much enjoyed sniffing the flowers and shrubbery, and more than once I found her sniffing to her heart's content under the rose bushes.

She played well with Carlene, another greyhound who has recently been adopted, and was just an all-around gentle, easy-going, friendly dog.

Hollywood is a greyt dog, and has the potential to make a greyt, loving companion for a lucky person or family.

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