Thursday, August 2, 2012


Update:  Swift has been adopted!

Look at these ears!  I have to admit that I stole the picture off of the main Steel City Greyhounds website because I fell in love with those ears!

Meet Swift, who is a fun-loving, energetic boy.  His energy level is second to his genuine affection and gentleness with other people, however.  He's just a really good dog.

When I let him off of the leash, I expected to see him take off running across the yard, but he really didn't... he went right for the "doggie pool" and dropped right into it like he'd done it a million times!  (And as far as I know, this was a first for him.)

Please see the following very short clip below.  A better version will be made into one of our movies, soon!  If you don't want to hear my voice when you are watching, best turn down the volume!  :)  Once the video gets made and posted to the website, my voice will be taken out and you'll get something much more soothing to listen to!  But I couldn't resist giving you a "sneak peak" of this fun guy.

So if you're interested in having a dog that has boundless energy, a fun-loving personality, lots of enthusiasm and curiosity, yet gentle and friendly with you, your family, and your friends, you may want to meet Swift.

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