Sunday, June 24, 2012


Update:  Darcy has been adopted!

Darcy is a petite, gentle girl, who is very shy, especially around humans.  How baffling all of our strange habits and mannerisms must seem to her!  I've seen greyhounds similar to her before - and am confident that she will blossom in a home where she is loved and treated kindly.

She is very young - not even two years old yet!  She learns a lot from observing other dogs, and was happiest when she was with at least one other greyhound.

She enjoyed running around the yard with her new friend Elbert, who is also up for adoption.

As you'll see below, she wasn't entirely certain of the pool at first, though she was very curious about it.  "What IS this?"

Elbert showed her how it's done, and she happily waded in.

This lovely dog with a beautiful spirit will be a wonderful companion.  I can't imagine that a household wouldn't be made brighter by her presence.

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