Sunday, June 24, 2012


Update:  Elbert has been adopted!

This magnificent dog is out-going, friendly with other dogs, loving with people, and laid-back... all rolled into one handsome package.

He was very happy to see us when we came to meet him, and even more excited to find out that we were taking him outside.  He pranced along beside us, tail held high as we walked together on the leash.  Despite his excitement, he had good leash manners and seemed pleased just to be out and about and didn't see the need to pull on ahead.

It was a hot afternoon, and you can see that he wasted no time in jumping into the pool to cool off.  He even enticed the shy Miss Darcy into the water with him.  (More on Darcy in another post.)  The two dogs had a greyt time playing in the water, then drinking it, then playing in it again.

Then they ran around for awhile, having a lot of fun stretching their legs.

Elbert is crazy about toys, especially ones that squeak!  He was fascinated with them from the first time that he heard one.

Elbert has a wonderful personality, and is just made to be a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky best friend.

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