Monday, May 28, 2012


Update:  Dixie has been adopted!

Dixie isn't yet quite two years old (she turns two in September) and she's already an incredibly sweet, calm, and patient dog - the perfect pet.

She was thrilled to get to go outside and explore, though maybe just a teeny tiny bit worried about some of the noise and commotion.  She handled that VERY well, though.  She'd look up at me, see that I was calm, then would relax.  Most dogs have to learn the reflex to check with the human - it was a real pleasure to see one that figured it out at such a young age!

She was very drawn to all people that she saw...  this girl really is people-centric!  She wanted to go into the garage to say hello to the mechanics as we walked by, and was also very intrigued by the people at the car wash.  But she was more than happy to continue along with me, her companion this past Saturday morning.

It was super-hot,  so neither one of us wanted to play really hard, but she had a great time once I released her in the yard.  She liked sniffing and greeting the other dogs, and was not aggressive in the slightest...  she knew that she was a guest, and behaved in a properly lady-like manner!

She really is sleek and beautiful, and picks up her paws in a dainty little high-step that is so graceful.

Dixie is a fantastic dog, and I believe that she will make someone a greyt pet and companion, whether that person is a first-time greyhound owner or an old hand.

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