Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Update:  Ross has been adopted!

Ross is the nickname given to "Manager Lasorda," one of the newest dogs in the adoption program here at Steel City Greyhounds.  And OMG he is such a NICE dog!

He's definitely "velcro material."  It was terribly difficult to get pictures of him while he was tucking his head under my arm, or trying to snuggle into my lap.  And video footage... impossible!  He was so eager to please, and so eager to be with me and get to know me.  It was really sweet.

His huge, pleading eyes... how hard to resist!

Ross preferred to have my attention than to play with a squeaky toy, and was very attentive when we were walking.  He didn't pull on the leash at all, seemed more interested in me than in any of his surroundings.

He's also rock solid!  He didn't spook at all, even though there were barking dogs, loud motorcycles, and even a long train went by... nothing seemed to bother him!

This calm, laid-back, affectionate boy is going to be such a good pet and companion for someone.  I think I might have to become jealous!

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