Sunday, February 17, 2013


Update:  Jax has been adopted!

Jax, or Diego, as he is called at the kennel, is a really sweet boy, and is very engaged with his surroundings and those that he meets.  I was with him at a Petco Meet and Greet, and I can tell you that there isn't  much that Diego doesn't like...  he liked men, women, children, other dogs, and was even polite to the cats that were a few feet away from us.

He would rush up to greet people, but would stop short of jumping on them, and held back like the gentleman that he is.  If the person welcomed his attentions, he might even give them a quick lick on the face!

In between meeting new people, Diego would relax with his new buddy Skye, and watch the world go by.  (When he wasn't begging for treats - this guy really likes to eat!)

At one point, someone brought in two kittens that looked just like him!  He had to go over and check them out.  (Once we figured out that they were not afraid of him.)

He satisfied himself with a sniff and a nose-bump, then we walked away and left the kitties alone.

Diego is a sweet, open and friendly hound.  I can't imagine that there are very many households that he would not be able to settle into.

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