Sunday, February 24, 2013


Updated:  Joey has been adopted!

I think that I would adopt all of the big, calm male greyhounds if I could - lucky for the rest of the greyhound-owning/aspiring public in Pittsburgh, I just can't do that.  Joey is no exception - I found him to be completely adorable.  

He gazes at you with those enormous brown eyes that (at least for me) just melt the heart.  When I crouched down to straighten his stylish, stylish coat, he gave me a cautious lick on the nose, like he wasn't sure that he was allowed, then was happy to follow me wherever I wanted to take him.

Like his kennelmate Patty, Joey was not into the idea of running in the snow on the day that I took these pictures.  It was either that it was just in general too COLD, or he was less impressed than I was with his coat.

Still, he took it in stride, and was happy enough to walk with me.  He wanted to stay as close as possible to me throughout the outing, so as is often the case when I'm out alone with a dog, it was challenging to get photographs of him that didn't include my arm, or my hand, or in one, my entire torso.  

Joey will make a great couch-snuggling companion.  Someone, adopt him fast, so that he doesn't tempt me any longer!

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