Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Coach is a well-behaved boy, who really enjoys getting attention from people AND other dogs.  He enjoyed running around with his new greyhound friends, but it was a especially warm May morning, so he equally enjoyed hanging out in the shade to cool off.

His buddies for the morning were Complete Command and Kenya (who has since been adopted.)  He enjoyed playing with both, so he would probably get along well with dogs of either gender.

You don't always get the "whole picture" of a dog's personality with a single outing, but I was able to see that he is very even-keeled, and will most likely be a laid-back, well-adjusted pet.

Kenya (the black greyhound) kept finding toys in the yard.  Coach was amazed and kept a close watch on her!

As mentioned in his web profile, this is a dog that greatly enjoys the companionship of other dogs.  He's eager to join someone's pack, ASAP!  Going into summer would be a greyt time to introduce him to new family members, both human and canine!

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