Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goofy Girl

Goofy Girl is a super-fun dog with a sparkly and friendly personality.  She was so happy and joyful to be out and about in the sunshine and playing in the grass that she was leaping and cavorting around the yard!  She was still very focused on me, though, and would cheerfully come to me when called.

She was very excited to explore the yard, and everything was equally interesting: squeaky toys, tennis balls, greyhound statues, ferns, my camera...

Goofy Girl, being curious.

For awhile, she and her friend Eclaire raced around the yard, while I scrambled to try to get photos of them while they were in motion.  Look at that girl go!

Goofy Girl and Eclair racing.
The two of them played together very well, happily running together, sniffing the hedges together, and even sharing toys.

I had a blast with her, and think that she has a terrific attitude - she's  just the right combination of happy-go-lucky, adventurous, and eager to please.  She'll make someone a greyt pet, and I foresee no end to the laughter that she'll bring to some lucky person or family.

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