Sunday, June 23, 2013


Eclair is a fun and happy dog, and was a lot of fun when I took her out with fellow adoptable "Goofy Girl" this morning.  She has endless enthusiasm for the world around her, and happily bounded around the yard, playing with her friend, with me, and exploring.  She would have been more than willing to keep it up for a lot longer than I was - I felt bad about cutting it short, but it was approaching 90 degrees today!

Doesn't she have a captivating face?  She has such expressive eyes, and was very focused on me, what I was doing, and what I might want.

Not that she was opposed to running around the yard... which she did both by herself and with Goofy Girl.  Look at the big grin on her face as she was running towards me!  So happy...

She and Goofy Girl were happy to play with toys together, and seemed very intrigued by this one in particular, since it squeaked.

I loved Eclair so much!  She is a bright, friendly, cheerful dog, and will be a fantastic pet for someone.

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