Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wild Phat Girl

Meet Wild Phat Girl!

 On Sunday morning I took her and kennelmate Be Me out for an early walk and photo shoot.  The two dogs had a greyt time playing in the yard, though it was already too hot and humid for them to want to do too much running.  (And I can't say that I blame them.)

 She is a very friendly dog, and was very calm and laid-back.  She was eager to explore the yard and everything in it... as if she's trying to make up for lost time!

She wanted to thoroughly examine my camera, which unfortunately led to me cutting off her nose in the following shot.  (I decided to include it anyway because it showcases her beautiful brown eyes.)

She liked hanging out with Be Me, and while neither really felt like playing games and running around, they were happy to take turns sniffing things in the yard.

At the end of our outing, she snuffled my face and gave me a kiss.  Awww!

Wild Phat Girl will make an awesome pet for a lucky person or family.  Is there room for one more on your couch?

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