Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Be Me

Be Me is a BIG boy, and oh-so-friendly.  And gentle and quiet too!

You could tell that he was happy to be out and about, and happy to meet me, and happy to be with a new friend, Wild Phat Girl.  He was wagging his tail, and was willing to give face kisses.

He was intrigued by toys, like the one above, but hasn't quite figured out how to play with them yet.  (That's where having some of his own, and someone to play WITH him will help.)  He kept coming back to them like he knew that they were something that he should be interested in, he was just a little confused!

He was very eager to explore the yard, and was very happy when we were out walking and he saw a person, or another dog.  Really, he's just got a very happy disposition.

He probably is going to be someone's velcro dog...  he would much rather sit right on top of me or be pressed up against my leg than standing a few feet away to make for better photo ops.  :)

Be Me is a greyt dog!

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