Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ivey Island

Ivey is a lovely black dog with adorable white feet.  When she first walked out with my husband and I, I thought that she was a bit reserved... but come to find out, she was just biding her time, perhaps unsure of what kind of people we are and what we wanted from her...   Once she was turned loose in the yard and was presented with a toy, she turned into a super-playful, bouncy dog.

I've got spring-loaded feet!

This toy is mine!
Once she knew that it was okay to play, she also brightened up around us, and interrupted her play several times to walk up to us, tail wagging, with a great big grin on her face.

She has a really good attitude, and was a wonderful combination of a little bit independent, yet very friendly.  With people and dogs.  (She was playing with kennel mate Missy, and they both got along very well.)

(Pictured with Missy, above.  They were both transfixed by the squeaky toy.)

This beautiful, playful, graceful dog is looking for a home!  Will it be yours?

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