Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blackberry Dylan

I love this dog.  I love his name, too.  (Not that he has to keep it, but it's very catchy!)  He is strikingly handsome, is he not?

He is also very personable, and friendly.  He made eye contact with me immediately and came over to meet me, tail wagging.

Dylan is all about the petting.

He was curious about the toy that I had in my hand, and came over to check it out.

And then it was time to run!

Blame the undignified pose on my camera, which caught him at an awkward (but funny) moment.

Dylan has a nice energy level - he's willing to run around and frolic, but is equally willing to settle down and lean against you, letting you scritch him behind the ears.  

He's ready for a home and a couch of his own!  (And perhaps a few squeaky toys.)

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