Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Update:  Saber has been adopted!

I got to meet Saber over the weekend.  He's such a handsome, friendly boy!

He was really friendly, and was so very happy to see me, even if he'd never laid eyes on me in his life!  (Though he was also very polite about it.)

He actually just seemed to be delighted about everything.  He was glad to go on a walk with myself, my husband, and another adoptable greyhound, Kassie.  He was happy to be taken off of the leash so that he could explore the yard.  He was happy to run, and was just as happy to go back into the warm building when we returned him.

Saber, circling the ball.

He was born in 2004, and spent 7 years in a home before he was unfortunately returned to the rescue.  I think that his calm, accepting personality comes from having just a little bit more life experience...

And he's off!
After he thoroughly explored the yard, he decided that it was time to run.  And run he did!  He kept zooming past me, and it was hard to get my camera to zoom in on him quickly enough to get a shot!

And the winner is...  Saber!
He seemed to get along well with Kassie, though we didn't let them have a lot of interaction because she had just been spayed the day before and we didn't want for her to try to play too hard.

I loved this guy.  He has such an elegance about him. He's calmly accepting, yet is playful and fun to be around.  And he deserves to have a nice comfortable home again.

What do you think?  Can you give him a home?

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