Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Update:  Kassie has been adopted!

Kassie is a delightful, sweet girl who loves to give kisses and will lean in to you to give you a hug.  The picture below was Kassie REALLY wanting to come over to me to give me another kiss.

Kassie isn't quite two years old yet, but she really knows what she is about, which is all about human companionship!  She seems to have the makings of quite a velcro dog, which means that she's going to give some lucky person her complete devotion.

She got along well with Saber, who we brought to the yard at the same time, though as I mentioned in my post about him, she had JUST been spayed and had dental work done the day before.  So that she didn't over-exert herself, we let them meet but didn't let them play.

She was cheerful and playful, despite just recovering from surgery, and really just seemed to be happy to be outside playing in the sunshine.

If you want to meet this adorable greyhound, contact us at Steel City Greyhounds!  Kassie is looking forward to meeting you.

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